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Our Elder Law, Estate Planning, And Special Needs Resource Center is your ”one stop shop”. It is designed for our clients, allied professionals and the senior community at large, containing FREE materials, education, support and services related to the issues surrounding the aging and disabled, that we have made available for your benefit.

We’ve put together an incredible number of resources for you. We invite you to “tour” through them to see what may be helpful to your situation.

Are you a war time Veteran or surviving spouse of a Veteran?

Did you know that you may be entitled to up to $2000 toward the cost of in-home care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home costs. Sign-up to receive our FREE email series on How You Can Save Money with Little-Known Veteran’s Benefits.

Do you have a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?

It’s time to take action now while you have a manageable situation and before there’s a health care crisis. Sign-up for our FREE Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Support Online Resource Center which helps you plan ahead for care of your loved one without going broke. and see how smart caregivers protect themselves, their loved ones and the finances.

Do you know how to protect their hard-earned savings and still be able to apply for Medicaid in Florida?

The cost of a nursing home can start at $7,000 per month! Without preparing for the Medicaid 5-year look back, you can spend through your savings in less than a year. Sign-up to receive our FREE email series, Don’t Go Broke In A Nursing Home.

What Our Clients Say

Dear Alice, Laurette and Staff:

Thank you so much for your concern and guidance. You have lead me to places when I did not know where to go. You have given me a sense of faith and hope that I can care for my husband and myself. I now realize I can handle this situation with my husband and not go crazy.

You are a real service to our community and especially to me. God bless you.

Thank you very much,

Kathy Wilson
Pompano Beach, FL

We’ll always be grateful to you for making our mountain of a situation a climbable hill. You came into our lives when we needed a safe route to sanity and survival.

When Alice asked us “What keeps you up at night?” We pointed to the rolling suitcase we brought with us that was filled with paperwork. She sent her Family Services Coordinator to our home to get us started on the road to organization. There she stood, lovely, tall and an angel to come to our aid. Alice must have known she would bring us to shore safely.

The assistance you gave us was beyond our expectations.

Julius & Lila Feldman
Tamarac, FL

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