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Why the Hispanic Community Needs Us
by Patricia Fuertes Keyes

Elder Exploitation – Not just for someone else’s family, friends and neighbors
by Alice Reiter Feld

Elder Law Attorney Alice Reiter Feld: My Personal Journey (PDF)
by Alice Reiter Feld

Caregivers Bill of Rights

What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s? (PDF)
by Bob DeMarco

Planning a Happy Funeral (PDF)
by Rabbi Mitch Feld, MSW

Independent Living (PDF)
by Elaine McGrath

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Consumer's Guide to Medicaid, Veteran's Benefits for Long Term Care Needs and Incapacity Planning. Our original primer, right to the point, on the steps families should be taking right now to care for their loved ones, while protecting their assets, legally and honestly. Provides an overview of Medicaid and Veteran's Benefits for long term care needs including in-home, assisted living and nursing home care.

Consumer's Guide to Hospice Care in Florida - It’s Much More Than You Think. Most people never get the true benefit from this fully Medicare covered service. In addition to bursting the myths and legends about Hospice, our guide will walk you through the legal steps a family should take as soon as the Hospice decision is made to protect assets and provide for an orderly transition after the passing. Includes an all-new Bonus Section on Long Term Care Needs and Incapacity Planning.

Consumer's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease - The Plain Truth. If you have a loved one afflicted with this terrible disease, you likely have unanswered questions and want the plain truth. We offer the resources to help you understand this disease, get good care for your loved one, ensure care is given to the caregiver and protect the family's assets to regain peace of mind.

Special Report: The "Time Bomb"...Why You Need a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney to Apply for Your Veteran's or Medicaid Benefits. A discussion of the pitfalls, minefields and blunders that clients have experienced when they did not seek the assistance of a board certified elder law attorney to navigate these complex applications processes. True-life horror stories of issues our clients have endured, the money they have wasted and the mistakes we have corrected.

Special Report: Special Concerns in Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples. There are 5.5 million households in the US classified as "unmarried" and many of these are same-sex households. Although the LGBT community can certainly take advantage of much of the traditional estate planning tools we use, they can also benefit from some of the unique tools designed to address the special needs of this community that require special planning